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Brian Fielkow


Brian Fielkow, CEO is a culture change expert. Since purchasing Jetco Delivery, a 38-year-old transportation and logistics company, in 2006, Brian Fielkow has upheld a philosophy of maintaining employee continuity, integrating technology and improving the quality of the company’s fleet to provide an extra level of service to customers. By fully engaging employees, Jetco has created a unique culture and an unparalleled customer experience.

Fielkow works in industries that are perceived as commoditized. An expert in “de-commoditizing” his business, Fielkow develops unique and measurable value propositions for his employees and customers.

Featured Topics

  • Driving to Perfection
  • Achieving Business Excellence by Creating a Vibrant Culture
  • Grow Your Culture – Grow Your Company


Brian spoke at the annual Southwest Movers Association conference. I particularly appreciated him sharing the ramifications of culture in the workplace, and I enjoyed sitting in on his session and taking note of the interest and active participation by the members. The members gave a major thumbs-up on his presentation and appreciated the opportunity to glean a great deal of helpful information from his presentation.

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