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George Carroll


George Carroll is a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Seminar Leader, Business Mentor, Marketing Strategist for Change Agents and Author of The Homeless Motivational Speaker. Also known as a Transformational Artist, George has trained for organizations such as Capital One, American Family Insurance, Colorado Association of Realtors, and Lawyers with Purpose. George spent many of his years chasing his dreams of becoming a professional football player, until he shattered his leg and ankle during his senior season at the University of Northern Colorado, leaving him depressed and hopeless. With a Communication degree, George moved to Denver, CO and excelled in corporate sales and management, but he was left unfulfilled and empty inside. He resigned from a comfortable 6-figure salary knowing something greater was possible.

Featured Topics

  • Mastering Your Purpose Story
  • You Can Make A Difference like a Starfish
  • The Little Things Make the Big Difference
  • The Power of Vulnerability


George is a dynamic speaker, teacher, and leader. He has the magical gift of teaching seminars that create a bridge between the learning of the mind and the knowing of the heart. I am grateful for having George as a joyful guide on my on my personal journey.

Becoming an Unstoppable Leader 

Leadership is the ability to influence others and more importantly, how to influence yourself. In this power packed presentation, you’ll learn the how to do both. People don’t listen to what you say, they watch what you do. Looked at another way, emotional intelligence is having the ability to achieve target outcomes and goals, while helping those you lead achieve desired outcomes and goals.
In this session, you will learn how to: 
• Become an unstoppable goal-achiever so you can lead by example 
• Identify your natural leadership strengths and weaknesses
• Pinpoint communication and behavioral tendencies in others
• Understand what drives people and how to use that to your advantage as a leader

5 Keys to Embracing Change, Growth and Uncertainty

We all know most people resist change, but we also know that change is constant and speeding up. As the world speeds up, we must learn the skills and strategies to become more adaptable to it, if you are to meet the demands to support and contribute to your organizations growth.

  • Presentation Objectives:
  •  Learn The 3 Stages of Change and How to Embrace it
  • Discover The 4 Levels of Competence for Learning New Processes and Developing New Habits
  • Embrace The 5 Keys to Embracing Change and How to Stop Resisting It
  • Turn Fear of Change into Excitement for Change
  •  Become More Adaptable to Change

Increase Energy, Decrease Stress and Get More Done in Less Time

In this high energy and high content presentation, your audience will learn the major differences between high performing / productive employees and low performing / unproductive employees. This power packed presentation is sure to inspire your audience to be their best selves.
Presentation Objectives:
  • Learn to Increase Energy Levels with my Energy Quadrant
  • Discover How to Decrease Stress Levels with 2 Simple Techniques
  • Master Their Time and Day by Using the Pareto Principle
  • Learn the 5 Most Common Everyday Work Distractions and How to Beat Them
  • Grasp the 2 Secrets to Eliminating Procrastination for Good!