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Project Description

Henry Harrison

Serial Entrepreneur

Henry’s story starts out sounding like another huge success story. He is an serial entrepreneur from Dallas Texas, has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics from Emory University, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and has started and acquired over a dozen companies, across a variety of industries. He is Past President of the Entrepreneurs Organization-Dallas Chapter.

Henry and his partners owned a securities firm and started an Oil and Gas company which in fewer than 3 years grew to over a Billion Dollars in value and over 100 employees. Everything changed through a set of circumstances nobody could have anticipated. During the credit crisis, while banks were failing and in the aftermath of Bernie Maddoff they unexpectedly found themselves a target of the government and the government generally wins those battles. Thus began an incredible journey that resulted in a 6 year legal Odyssey which led to Henry spending over a year in Federal Prison. After years living a real life business case study he will share lessons that will be helpful to any citizen.

Henry Harrison will share Fundamental Practices to Protect your Circumstances. Through powerful examples and “I’m glad that didn’t happen to me” stories, you will get the benefit of lessons learned the hard way.