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Robert Tucker


Robert B. Tucker is a global futurist and innovation keynote speaker with a client list that includes over 200 of the Fortune 500 companies. President and founder of The Innovation Resource, Tucker is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of innovation, Tucker’s highly interactive presentations lead audiences on a guided tour inside the world’s most creative companies. Through stories and examples, Tucker shows leaders how to tap the mindset, skillset and toolset of innovation to embrace change, discover opportunity and avoid obsolescence. Known for his in-depth customization, Tucker provides today’s leaders with practical strategies, cutting edge insights, and inspiration to take action once back at the office.

Featured Topics

Driving Growth Through Innovation (For leaders)

Innovation is Everybody’s Business (Broad audiences)

Innovative Thinking


Your keynote set the stage for our Symposium by addressing the theme with wisdom, energy, humor and countless examples that we could all relate to. It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff.

Wade Lovelace, Amgen