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After the publishing of – Who Made These Stupid Rules?€, was founded upon one simple thought – Opportunities are all around us. Everywhere, Always. We simply have to keep our eyes open, foster new ideas €Lead by Example, Grow through Experience, and Motivate through Innovation. We have built our workshops, training programs, & speaking events on the concepts of  Seizing Every Opportunity to help other businesses achieve their own success.

We are passionate about growth and helping others succeed. We want to help you achieve your goals, define your targets, remove obstacles, improve your processes, and ultimately exceed your own expectations. Passion Drives Results

We strive to make things easy in this difficult world. We invite you to Try€ our approach through one of our Fast Start Packages to test our dedication, innovation, and build your own Road Map to Success.

Featured Topics

  •  Who Made These Stupid Rules?The Typically A-Typical€ View of Life, Business, Sales, Motivation & GoalsBreak through the Stupid Rules€ that hold us back from achieving our goals, growth, and reaching our fullest potential.
  •  The Prospecting ParadoxEverything works together. Build your formula to solve the paradox. Actionable Intelligence” The Prospecting Paradox helps you define your primary acquisition method, know how you gain most of your customers and the activity you take to drive more passive and referral opportunities. Each call or email you make, can open a new door. Each new prospect you define, can lead to 5 more. Each customer and prospect you have, can lead to more referrals.
    • Remember the goal
    • Don’t be afraid to talk to your customers
    • Give the Prospect a reason to call YOU!
    • Give your customers & prospects a reason to send you referrals €to Make it Easy
    • Everything builds off of your strength


Adam’s insight blows the door open for all who are willing to leave their preconcieved ideas behind and step into the future..

K.D. Business Development Manager

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