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Ashley Berges has been on a microphone, stage and radio for the majority of her life. Currently working on TV and on-air projects while she speaks to audiences about taking life to the next level. Sometimes the extra oomph needed comes from an outside source. Ashley’s motivational speech can be exactly what is needed to provide cohesion, understanding, and power within an organization. Many groups, businesses, and corporations choose a workshop concept either half day, full day, two day, or weekend. Ashley will work directly with your company or group managers to understand exactly what is needed. With that knowledge, Ashley will meet with her team and create the exact workshop that will create, relate, and facilitate the needs and desires of the organization, bushiness, or corporation. By the end of the workshop, prior to the lasting motivational speech, your group/employees will be ready and willing to positively co-create and lead with success.

Ashley offers it daily on her syndicated talk show Perspectives. Entertaining and highly witty, Berges offers you authentic techniques helping you to shape your amazing life and locate your soul’s purpose. Ashley offers private, couples, group, and corporate coaching where she gets to the heart of the matter and illuminates the situation. Her proven techniques have helped thousands find their true purpose. That’s why they call her the Path Finder.

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The 10-Day Challenge to Live Your True Life – Throughout this presentation you will come across new concepts, and with steady quickness you will implement them into your daily life. With each passing day, you will become more knowledgeable and confident of your position in life. You will then possess the tools to take your life to that next remarkable level.

Relationship Building for Leaders: Leadership skills that every effective leader must use daily

Attitude: Change Your Attitude, Change Your Results


Thank you, Ashley, for all you have done to improve our customer relationships!

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