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Bonnie Curtis was born in Texas and graduated as Valedictorian from Abilene Christian University with a BA in journalism. Bonnie Curtis moved to Los Angeles with her first two loves in mind: film and public speaking. She immediately found production work on the films Dead Poets Society and Arachnophobia before being hired as Steven Spielberg’s assistant in 1990—embarking on what would become a fifteen-year professional relationship with the acclaimed director.

Bonnie Curtis has spent the last decade speaking on various panels and podiums for Women in Film, Producers Guild of America, American Film Institute, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and film schools and festivals across the globe.

In 2008, she was a featured speaker at both the CAIS (California Association of Independent Schools) Teachers Conference and The Center for Early Education’s Parent Conference. Bonnie Curtis has also spoken to the junior high and high school students of various CAIS schools, including Harvard Westlake, Brentwood and Campbell Hall.

In 2002, Bonnie was featured as one of thirty “Great Women of Film” in Helena Lumee’s best-selling book from Watson Guptill Press. In 2004 she was the recipient of the Women in Film Topaz Award from the Dallas chapter. Bonnie Curtis has co-chaired GLSEN’s (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) Respect Awards for the past four years, serving as an Honor Society Member for the organization since 2005 and recently being appointed to its National Leadership Council.

Featured Topics

Reframing the Story: Turning Conflict Into Opportunity

While marshaling the resources of thousands of leaders, department heads and frontline staff; creating more with less; taking greater risks; and bringing together evermore unwieldy resources–the ability to turn conflict into opportunity is imperative…and Bonnie Curtis has done it around the world.

You will learn how you can more effectively and efficiently create, nurture and build your teams to achieve greater success from someone who has led and managed one of the most diverse and time-constrained work groups in the world. In this session, you will learn to reframe any situation to get the best from yourself and your people, mine both yours and your team’s talents for the greater good, and use visualization to alter outcomes. Leaders will leave with a clear action plan and a playbook to call upon to more efficiently achieve their goals and motivate those around them.

Innovation: Moving Forward Together

During her 20-plus years in the film business (most of which were at Steven Spielberg’s side), Bonnie Curtis has learned firsthand about problem solving, leadership, teamwork, and innovative thinking. From recreating a prehistoric era (Jurassic Park) to the Holocaust (Schindler’s List) to the D-day invasion (Saving Private Ryan) to a futuristic world born out of a brilliant director’s imagination (A.I. and Minority Report), Curtis has observed the human condition through many different lenses.

She has made a successful career telling other people’s stories, but her own story is one that so many people can relate to…the need to be one’s true self. Bonnie will challenge you to look at yourself and the people around you in a different way, and in doing so, become a more effective leader and person. She will inspire you to create an environment in the workplace that leads to a daily productive collaboration which in turn delivers innovation beyond one’s wildest dreams.

My Mother Doesn’t Approve of This: Create Success For Teachers, Students and Parents

The goal of any school community is to provide an inspirational environment focused on equity and excellence—where students can be nurtured, supported, mentored and challenged. This strong and vibrant presentation will give you both diversity of thought and action. If education is your passion and the cornerstone of your career, Curtis will strengthen your foundation with fresh knowledge and new connections. You’ll get solid concepts that still stand the test of time as well as build new skills while exploring innovative solutions you can put to use immediately. You’ll learn to: get your hands dirty and attempt mastery, call in the experts…and listen to them, mine your natural talents from a new point of view.


The great thing about working with Bonnie for all those years, when I would ask her a question, she would answer it from every angle imaginable. Her work ethic always took my breath away.

Steven Spielberg

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