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Christine R. Spray, Author of SuccessOnomics is a nationally recognized business development keynote speaker, best-selling author two times, consultant, trainer, coach and Professional EOS Implementer. Spray serves as a CEO and business advisor with a passion for helping people and companies grow.

Founder & President, Strategic Catalyst, Inc. Spray launched Strategic Catalyst, Inc. after working in public accounting and industry in senior leadership roles with start-up, restructuring and growth responsibilities. She recognized that by aligning business goals with marketing, human resource and business development strategies, organizations could leverage new business opportunities for far greater results. With more than 20 years of experience, Spray has created proven programs for management in the area of new business strategy by implementing Revenue Growth Assessments, Business Development Programs, Strategic Business Development Plans, and Accountability Models. Spray is a graduate of Coach University’s Two Year Program and EOS Worldwide.

Founder & President National Business Development Association, Christine launched the National Business Development Association (NBDA) to fill the need for a national trade association to provide best practices to individuals whose primary responsibility is generating business for their organization. NBDA provides a vibrant learning community where members can stay on top of industry trends and continually hone their skills through targeted professional development. Members of NBDA strongly believe in order to be a successful business development professional, you must focus on others and their needs before focusing on yourself. You will find this philosophy at the center of everything that is taught at the NBDA.

Featured Topics

Building an Effective Pipeline

  • Understanding Marketing, Sales and Business Development
  • What Do You Need to Know?
  • What Are You Currently Doing?
  • Who Generates Referrals
  • Sources for Networking
  • Creating the Best Value Proposition
  • Gaining Referrals through Partnerships
  • Making Referrals through Organizations
  • Filling and Tracking the Pipeline

10 Soft Skills You Need

  • Discuss how soft skills are important to success in the workplace
  • Understand the 10 key soft skills everyone should have
  • Use soft skills to relate more effectively to others in the workplace
  • Understand how to use soft skills to communicate, problem-solve, and resolve conflict
  • Apply soft skills to specific situations

Strategically Networking for Success – The Right Way

  • The Benefits of Networking
  • Why Networking Skills are Crucial
  • Success All Starts with Your Attitude
  • Using Your Energy Wisely
  • Tips for Working the Room
  • It’s More Skill Than Natural Talent
  • The 30 Second Introduction
  • Tips for Working a Table
  • Great Ways to Maximize Your Networking
  • Strategies that Work in Any Room

Client Review Process – Gaining More Referrals from Clients

  • Looking for New Business
  • Determine Your Niche
  • Making a List
  • Prospecting Databases
  • Industry Directories & Publications
  • Introductions vs Direct Contact
  • Looking for Introductions
  • Asking Clients for Referrals
  • A Proper Introduction Please
  • Client Relations Program

Closing More Leads – Table to Close

  • Common Sales Approach
  • Four Levels of Conversation
  • 7 Ways to Listen Better
  • Asking Good Questions
  • 7 Ways to Make People Feel Important
  • 9 Acts of Strategies for Sales Success
  • 7 Steps of a Sale
  • The Five Buying Decisions
  • Handling Objections
  • Closing the Deal

Time Management for More Business

  • First things first, setting goals
  • SMART goals
  • Prioritizing goals
  • Planning Wisely
  • Chunk, block and tackle
  • Why we procrastinate
  • Organizing your workplace
  • Setting a ritual
  • Meeting management
  • Scheduling your time wisely

Roadmap to Success – Developing Your Plan

  • Wheel of Life
  • SMART Goals
  • Core Values
  • Purpose
  • Niche
  • 10-Year Target
  • Growth Strategy
  • 3-Year Picture
  • 1-Year Plan
  • Rocks


Christine is not only high-energy, she is extremely effective at what she does. She recently presented a session on Pipeline Development & Networking to my entire staff of Risk Consultants. She got a standing ovation with everyone walking away with new ideas for them to implement.

Principal at Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates, Inc.

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