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On September 11th, 2001, Dan’s life almost ended when he was injured in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Recovered physically, Dan dedicates his time speaking to people across the country about his experience that day, what helped him heal and how he became an even stronger person than ever before. The Purpose Conduit are the deliberate actions that harness and connect the energy of appreciation to help manifest our purpose in life. Our personal identity is redirected from ourselves to others through a genuine spirit of gratitude and service.

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Walk In Each Other’s Shoes

Understanding that the shoes you wear won’t educate you. After attending the 10th Anniversary of 9/11/01 Ceremony at the US Pentagon, Dan Holdridge’s life was yet again changed. Attending such a life-changing service, returning to the place that nearly ended his life, then flying home that same day to share his experience with his hometown, Dan then flew the next day to a presentation that changed his life… and it will change yours as well. You will want to hear this – and you will be off and “running” in a new direction in life.

You will discover:

  • Only when we step out of our comfort zone, do we have the ability to appreciate each other’s challenges
  • Finding the strength to let go of our “attitudes of entitlement”, will strengthen us personally – for the positive
  • The fear of change will grow our sense of entitlement to stay the same. The appreciation of a better tomorrow is a something we can embrace today that wipes the fears away
  • Challenges – corporate and personal – come typically from a lack of communication and understanding. Change the way we walk & talk daily and discover abilities you never knew you had. Do it today. Not everyone got a 9/12/01.

Weapons of Mass Appreciation You Don’t Have to Live Through a Terrorist Attack to Learn from One

In the wake of 9/11, many individuals continue to live day-to-day, allowing their identity to be defined by the market, society, and others without any personal reflection as to “Why am I here?” By allowing external forces and pressures to define us, we fail to find who we truly are. Sharing his experience as a 9/11 Pentagon survivor, Dan Holdridge shows how the Purpose Conduit™ draws on the incredible power of appreciation, aligning our personal identity between ourselves and those we serve, helping us manifest our purpose.

You will discover:

  • Each of us has only a certain amount of time to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.
  • Each of us has a unique identity, separate from the one defined by the world.
  • Appreciating others helps us recognize our own greatness.
  • We all have a “9/11” of different degrees in our life, where we are faced with challenges to the very core of who we are and what life has in store for us. How we respond can impact the rest of our lives.

Ninety Minutes of Distinction Finding the Moments to Take Others Breath Away

For 90 minutes after the terrorist attack on 9/11 on the Pentagon, Dan’s family did not know whether he survived. For those 90 minutes, they contemplated Dan with words not spoken, thoughts not shared, and actions not taken. Through this National tragedy, we all took time to reflect on the frailty of life and its effects on those important to us. In our families and our businesses, we frequently defer critical actions until tomorrow because we overestimate the time we have and the power of that time. Why wait for tomorrow?

You will discover:

  • An appreciation for life’s most important events.
  • Why running late for the right reasons is okay.
  • What you should say and do to live without regret.


The BALC GMM audience that was in attendance on May 15, 2013, has expressed to me that they thoroughly enjoyed your speech, “Purpose Conduit, Pentagon Prayer and Surviving 9/11”. They have sent me notes indicating that they left the GMM motivated, uplifted, invigorated, entertained and pleased. I received several emails stating what a wonderful speaker you are and how happy they are they came to the GMM!


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