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George is a High Energy and High Content Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Author and Event Leader. His engaging and motivational style combined with actionable tips and his laugh-out-loud sense of humor will leave you feeling inspired and ready to tackle challenges in the workplace, and in your personal life.

George’s childhood dream was to play professional football, but after he shattered his leg and ankle in his final season at the University of Northern Colorado, he found himself depressed and hopeless. Graduating with a Communications Degree, George moved to Denver, Colorado where he found fast success in technology sales and management.

In leading, training and developing people, George discovered a hidden passion. Leading top producing teams, he felt out of place being led by corporate managers that lacked integrity. George was guided to the personal development industry in 2005 where he began to discover the tools he needed to achieve personal and professional goals. He began attending workshops and seminars in order to better his skills and strengthen his mindset. Over time, these workshops made a positive impact and inspired him to help others grow in their lives and careers. He now works with companies worldwide, providing motivation, strategies, and insights on Peak Performance, Productivity, Embracing Change and more.

Featured Topics

    • Maximum Performance and Productivity – Increase Energy, Decrease Stress and Get More Done in Less Time In this high energy and high content presentation, your audience will learn the major differences between high performing / productive employees and low performing / unproductive employees. This power packed presentation is sure to inspire your audience to be their best selves.Presentation Objectives:
      • Learn to Increase Energy Levels with my Energy Quadrant
      • Discover How to Decrease Stress Levels with 2 Simple Techniques
      • Master Their Time and Day by Using the Pareto Principle
      • Learn the 5 Most Common Everyday Work Distractions and How to Beat Them
      • Grasp the 2 Secrets to Eliminating Procrastination for Good!


    • 6 Keys to Developing a Positive Mindset in a Negative World – Boost Morale and Performance As we look around, it’s easy to be pessimistic and negative about how the world seems to be trending. The truth is, we as individuals have the ultimate influence on our mindset and attitude – positive or negative. Yes, we do live in a world where the media shines the light on negativity but we have to remember that the information we consume has a powerful influence on our mood, attitude and our overall performance.Presentation Objectives:
      • Learn the how to harness the power of “garbage in – garbage out”
      • Discover the #1 activity that reduces stress, negativity, and aging
      • Learn how your brain’s RAS seeks negative information
      • Harness a positive mindset even during negative times


  • Adaptability is the New Change – 5 Keys to Embracing Change, Growth and UncertaintyWe all know most people resist change, but we also know that change is constant and speeding up. As the world speeds up, we must learn the skills and strategies to become more adaptable to it, if you are to meet the demands to support and contribute to your organization’s growth.Presentation Objectives:
    • Learn The 3 Stages of Change and How to Embrace it
    • Discover The 4 Levels of Competence for Learning New Processes and Developing New Habits
    • Embrace The 5 Keys to Embracing Change and How to Stop Resisting It
    • Turn Fear of Change into Excitement for Change
    • Become More Adaptable to Change


We hired George to increase productivity with sales, and over the past year, our sales have gone up 15%. Great guy with a lot of energy.

Michael O’Meara, Principal Broker and Owner, Realty Edge PDX

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