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Heather R. Nelson was a Regional President at First Federal Bank, where she managed retail and commercial operations for the North Arkansas Region. She balanced a demanding career with family, writing and consulting. She loves speaking with children and adults on how to discover and pursue their individual passions, improve customer service, develop leadership skills and learning to tell their story.

Experienced Entrepreneur, President and Chief Operating Officer, Speaker, and Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the financial, energy efficiency, and renewable industries. Skilled in Storytelling, Strategy, Nonprofit Organizations, Business Planning, Coaching, Asset Management, and Organizational Leadership. Strong professional with a MBA focused in Business Administration from University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Featured Topics

Facedown – Finding the Power to Get Up

Life as you know it is moving along. Maybe not smoothly – bumps and curves here and there, but moving along. And then it happens. “It” can take many forms: death, end of a romantic relationship, fatal disease diagnosis, loss of a child, job termination. It can even be something from childhood that hasn’t reared its ugly head in years, but is suddenly all you can think about. Whatever it is, it has you facedown on the floor, figuratively or literally, in fear or pain or shock or all of these. Heather R. Nelson has experienced this facedown moment and lived to tell the tale. And so can you. In this riveting keynote you’ll discover:

  • Facedown – choice or chance?
  •  Everyone’s moment is different
  •  How beautiful the brutal can be
  •  Many paths, but one direction
  •  Life is better riding shotgun
Heather will engage your audience with her honest insights and experiences. Her willingness to bear her soul by sharing her journey and her triumph will inspire your audience to take a good look at their own lives. Will they choose their facedown moment or will it be chosen for them?

Back to the Studs – Move Forward by Looking Back

Heather R. Nelson is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She knows firsthand the sacrifices needed and challenges of starting and running your own business. The process is all-consuming. Heather also knows that the secret to success in business is the story. In this program, you will learn how to:
  • Identify your story
  •  Assess your story
  • Rewrite your story, if necessary
  •  Use your story to grow your business
  •  Move to the jump-seat (for Christian audiences)
There’s no doubt that many business growth methods and marketing plans are out there. But this is one you haven’t heard before. This presentation will give you the competitive advantage needed to survive in a tough and sometimes uncertain business climate.


Heather not only writes and speaks from the heart, but also strives to live true to those words. As a result, readers are moved to action, feeling the results of a genuine experience and their own personal encounter.

Lesley (Segalla) Nalley, CEO, Hot Springs Village POA

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