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Henry’s story starts out like any other huge success story. As an entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas, with a BA degree in Economics from Emory University and an MBA in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University (SMU), Henry has started and acquired more than a dozen companies across a variety of industries. He is past president of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) – Dallas Chapter.

Henry and his partners owned a securities firm and founded an oil and gas company that grew to more than a billion dollars and 100 employees in less than three years. Then everything changed through circumstances nobody could have anticipated. During the credit crisis, while banks were failing and in the aftermath of the Bernie Madoff scandal, Henry and his partners unexpectedly found themselves a target of the federal government. And as he found out, the government generally wins those battles.

Thus, began an incredible journey that resulted in a 6-year legal odyssey that led to Henry’s spending more than a year in federal prison. After years of living a real-life business case, he developed life lessons helpful to any citizen or entrepreneur. Henry now runs his own internet marketing company. Currently, he is adapting a screenplay about his life and writing a memoir. Henry volunteers for the Prison Entrepreneurs Program. Additionally, he speaks around the country on his riveting journey about surviving his worst nightmare.

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The Power of Reputation

Do the crime – Pay the time, unless you haven’t. But what if you “DON’T” actually do the crime and you still have to pay the time, then what?

Picture this: One day you’re a successful entrepreneur having built a Billion dollar business with 250 plus people working for you—the next day Federal Agents are knocking down your door, you’re handcuffed and spending the next year of your life in prison. The fact is, this could happen to any of us…even in America.

Henry Harrison was released from Federal Prison in 2015. However, today, he’s here to share details of his fall and most importantly, his heartfelt advice to everyone on how to protect yourself, your business and your reputation using these three critical life lessons:

Life Lesson #1: Look at your house from the other side of the fence. Here Henry offers keen leadership strategies and a sharp new perspective on how others see you.

Life Lesson #2: Bring the right people with you to the party. How important is trust in business? Very important! With whom do you surround yourself with and how much can you really trust those people?

Life Lesson #3: Don’t just rely on a GPS for directions. Avoiding the biggest mistake of your life.


Not only is Henry’s topic relevant to everyone living in today’s world but it is also a riveting story that had the audience mesmerized. Perhaps the best speaker we have ever had.

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