James Mapes

Efficiency, Productivity


James Mapes has been dedicated to helping people live exceptional lives for more than 30 years. His lively, interactive programs on wellness, creativity and leadership provide results-based strategies to take ‘quantum leaps’ in all areas of life. When you blend together a storyteller, an expert on the power of the imagination, and a clinical researcher of the mind, you have “The Mapes Experience.

Featured Topics

  • IMAGINE THAT! Igniting Your Brain for Creativity and Peak Performance
  • MIND OVER BODY: Harness Vision to Create a Wellness Strategy
  • TRUE LEADERSHIP: The Neuroscience of Effective Leaders


James Mapes’ customer conference session IMAGINE THAT! was a huge success. James has a very engaging style and he focused on making sure that audience takes away something tangible out of his session. His high audience ratings reflected the impact he made.

Ketan Mehta, CEO

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