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Considered by many to be one of this generation’s foremost digital media personalities, Hollywood-based Katerina Cozias holds the title of America’s Media Mindset Mentor and is the host of the popular morning talk show LA40 with LA Talk Radio. With extensive on-air media training and professional spokesperson expertise, both on camera and off, Katerina’s warm, personable style wins trust and helps build relationships with all audiences.

With a proven portfolio of success, as a veteran media strategist and influential speaker, she knows what it takes to successfully pitch to the media in a way that not only increases exposure but successfully adds to bottom line profits of her clients. Katerina’s 5-step signature system allows visionaries, creatives, and entrepreneurs to gain the respect, visibility and national media exposure they want so that they can become empowered leaders and hold brand authority in their space. Brilliant at empowering confidence and magnifying impact, tune in with her across all her platforms as she helps you go from where you are to where you want to be.

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Media Mindset Mastery; How to Use Communication and Charisma to Unleash Your Infinite Potential

Discover how to become a recognized expert in your industry by learning to leverage not only the media but your own internal media mindset. Imagine walking into any room with the same levels of confidence and charisma exhibited by your favorite on-air TV personalities. Do you have what it takes to own a space? Absolutely! With experience both on-camera and off, Hollywood based Media Expert and author of the book Rising up from Mental Slavery; How to Unleash your Infinite Potential Katerina Cozias knows that no matter what field you’re in, excellence in communication really does make all the difference when it comes to achieving success in business. As a recognized leader in her field of media and presenting, Katerina has perfected the art of communication and engages her audiences to take action. Master your media mindset, demand excellence of yourself, and get ready to soar!

  • Mastering your media mindset
  • Unlocking your inner celebrity
  • Betting on yourself
  • Converting communication to cash


A powerhouse on stage and in person, Katerina’s ability to command the room makes her an asset to any conference or workshop.

Deji Wesey, President, Westside Toastmasters

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