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Matthew Pollard has been characterized as a true niche marketing, differentiation, and sales systemization powerhouse. Well known for his top-rated podcast, repeat appearances on Fox 7, and regular contributions to esteemed publications, such as CEO, Entrepreneur, and Top Sales World Magazine, Matthew is also a sought after judge, speaker, and mentor at many of America’s most prominent start-up events, including Google Start-up Weekend, AngelHack, and Microsoft’s 60 Seconds to Startup. Through his many speaking and coaching activities, Matthew continues to pursue his mission of bringing rapid growth and business transformation to the world. Matthew has already achieved more than most will in a lifetime. By the age of thirty, his resume already included five multi-million dollar business startups, a prestigious young achiever award, and a showcasing of his successes in a book titled Successful Men in Business. Matthew has also been honored with a professional membership by the National Speakers Association and earned a Master certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming from Tad James, the undisputed authority on the subject.

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  • Rapid Growth, the Lazy Way!
  • Don’t Fool Yourself, Anyone Can Sell!
  • Get More Done Doing Less.
  • You’re Stuck, and It’s Your Fault!


A gifted speaker and natural motivator, his inimitable style of presentation will provide a stunning focal point to any business meeting or conference.

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