Mike Muhney

Entrepreneur, Relationship manager


Mike is a recognized expert in the field of entrepreneurship, relationship management and software development. He began his career as an IBM-trained sales professional where he learned the value of establishing genuine connections with others.

Mike Muhney is the co-inventor of ACT! Contact Software, the acknowledged catalyst for the Customer Relationship Management industry. He is passionate about sharing his unique insights and helping others build and enhance their relationships, networks and careers. Any topic may be customized to keynote, breakout or half-day format.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Mike attended the University of Illinois and currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Featured Topics

The Real “R” in CRM – Creating Relationships that Matter

At one end of the range are those who create relationships the way most of us breathe: unconsciously and generally without too much effort. At the other end are those who struggle to get over the very basic human hurdles that interactions with others can represent. Wherever you may find yourself in this range, you can benefit from a better understanding of how your connections with others influence you and how your interactions can build strong relationships. Whether you’re focused on business, family or friendships, applying these insights will make your relationships and social networks stronger, unlocking a vast potential of mutual opportunity. Mike shows you how to grasp this opportunity to create deeply sustaining, collaborative communication.

Mind the Gap!

Mike addresses the perspective we think we have with others versus the perspective that we actually have with others; in other words, personal branding. With a little bit of effort, some practice and a determination to succeed you can mind the gap. Your personal brand is about how others see you and what they say about you. Clearly, the distancing effect of many of today’s communication methods is another obstacle we need to address in regaining and building stronger relationships.

The Me in Social Media – The Reputation and Relationship Crisis

Seems like Trust and Reciprocity could be two of three to five points in a talk as titled above.

Trust: Difficult to Build Without Privacy

As more of us become accustomed to communicating and sharing personal information through social media — essentially trusting an audience of many with intimate details of our lives — the notion of trust starts to lose its meaning. Information shared widely isn’t truly valuable. It loses its value both as a scarce commodity and as a means for bonding with others. If you don’t have truly private interactions with another person, the two of you never have the opportunity to exchange confidences. If you communicate one-on-one but not in person, you lose crucial, nonverbal signals such as eye contact, facial expressions or hand gestures that help reinforce an intuitive sense of trust.

Reciprocity: A Lost Art in a One-Way Culture

Remember when you first realized how little you had to do to maintain social-media relationships? “Look at all those posts and comments I don’t have to respond to! I can read them when I have time — and ignore them when I don’t!” Status messages are basically broadcasts to an audience of friends. Even a post on a friend’s wall — which is, in theory, a message directly to that friend — is a public message, delivered in front of an audience, with the friend not even present. We may find ourselves getting into the habit of “me-centric,” one-way thinking — and out of the habit of reciprocating the considerate gestures of others. Those of us who take in posts and tweets without responding to them may feel less need to respond to the kindnesses or favors of others. We may come to expect that others will listen to us offline as well, without our needing to give them the gift of our attention in return.


Impressive content and passionate delivery! Mike has a great blend of knowledge, experience, charm, and passion about what he does. When Mike has the floor, these attributes wash over the audience as he speaks.

Ian Corner, PhD, Barston Consultancy Ltd.

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