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Rich has first-hand experience with the unique challenges of leading and growing a small business. His hands-on approach, engaging personal style and high-energy enthusiasm attract business owners who have a passion for achieving extraordinary results. He helps to create a profitable enterprise built on a solid foundation, with a unique marketplace position, grounded in repeatable processes, and driven by a high-performance team. An author and inspirational speaker, Rich leads business owners to visualize their goals, structure their approach, measure their outcomes, continuously improve their processes and achieve remarkable results.

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Boosting Your Bottom Line

In this keynote, Rich takes a fresh, unique approach to explain how a business actually works – and uses a bike to demonstrate this powerful metaphor. He shares with you how the bike relates to your business and how you can “tune-up” your business just as you would a bike.

Once you experience this unique presentation you will never look at a bike – or your business – in the same way again.

Leadership Lessons from Lance

Everyone familiar with professional cycling knows Lance Armstrong. While no longer a pillar of strength or a champion of courage, Lance has provided us with many lessons we can (and must) learn from his rise to fame and fall from grace.

During this keynote, Rich outlines the 12 most powerful lessons that every business leader must take away from Lance’s career. The lessons are powerful, impactful and may hit close to home.

7 Keys to a Winning Team

Your people provide the power to drive your business forward faster. As a business owner or key leader, you must understand how to gain the maximum leverage and power from everyone on your team.

This keynote is designed to give you the 7 Keys to Creating that Winning Team. Rich covers each of the 7 keys, shares practical examples, explores creative approaches and introduces some powerful, new ideas.

The Power of Purpose

Many businesses are designed to support their owners, shareholders and team members. Their primary goal is to provide high-quality products and exceptional service to its customers. A solid business approach.

But what if you could create a business that had a larger purpose? What if you could use your business as an engine for change? Would that excite you? Would that energize your team? Would you be fulfilled like never before?

Know What Business You Are REALLY In

Every business has a Value Proposition. It is why your customer exchanges their money for your products or services. But the truth is most business owners do not really know what their Value Proposition is because they do not know what business they are REALLY in.

In this Keynote, Rich lays out a framework for determining and recognizing your true Value Proposition and shows you how to create the necessary alignment throughout your business to deliver on your promise to your customer every day.


Rich helps us find several opportunities to improve our workflow and increases customer satisfaction. We have already implemented many of these and we are seeing the benefits. You can bet we will continue to engage Rich in the future as we develop and implement new strategies to grow profitably.

Jay Arntzen, Founder, President & CEO, Genesis Elevator Company

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