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Thomas Nestor, featured speaker for Fortune 500 Companies, as well as, High Schools & Colleges, and author of LIFE 180, presents to thousands each year from coast to coast around the USA. Thomas was trained to INFLUENCE and SPEAK by Tony Robbins, and from 2013-2015 Thomas delivered over 300 presentations on behalf of Tony’s Robbins speaking to executives, leaders, and students. Quick-witted by nature, and caring at heart, Thomas crushes it with a powerful style and a message that speaks to individuals at their own level.

As a critically acclaimed keynote speaker, and best-selling author he doesn’t tell people what to do, but guides them in the direction of where they need to go. Thomas’ favorite Leadership quote is, “You cannot talk yourself out of something you behaved yourself into.”

Features Topics:

Become A Leader

Thomas Nestor has been thinking about leadership ever since he was selected to serve as the Director of Operations for a chain of early childhood education centers. Nestor’s inspiration to become a leadership expert came from John F. Kennedy’s inaugural call to action — “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” — inspired Tom to pursue Leadership study, training, leadership seminars, and writing his first book LIFE 180. This experience made Tom realize that he wanted a career that offered two things: the chance to teach, and the opportunity to serve.

Tom speaks on six points of leadership:

  • Lid (vision)
  • Enlist (inspire)
  • Actualize (model the way)
  • Decentralize (empower others)
  • Evaluate (evaluate the vision, the team, and yourself)
  • Revitalize (encourage)

Action Steps To Create The New You

Imagine your life is in shambles because of a decision that alcohol and drugs were the way to get that feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. Then one night…everything changes. As your life is veering towards certain destruction and failure you hear three important questions: the questions we are all asked at the end of our lives. Those questions, and their surprising answers, inspire you to start anew, to create a different kind of life-a life guided by choice and contribution. This is your second chance at life. This is Thomas’s story. And he has sought to earn his second chance by helping others release the past, rediscover their strengths, and resolve to making a greater difference in the world through their careers and their contributions to society.

Goal Setting That Works

Where are you at on the road of life? Are you responding or reacting to your situations? How do I achieve the rewards that this life has to offer? I don’t want to remain in this situation for one day longer, HELP! These questions set Thomas Nestor on a course to discovering the secret success strategies of today’s most effective leaders. Few speakers today understand the realities of both our emerging leaders and our most seasoned executives. But as the author of LIFE 180, Thomas “gets” it. His work has been recognized and recommended by dozens of industries around the country and internationally.

“I’m Not Afraid”

Communication and Conflict Strategy (Teen Audience)
The true story of a young man caught in a situation in which he was too afraid to say “No,” making one of the worst decisions of his life. This sad tale does not end in grief. It rises above the situations to show how something meant to be used for evil can be turned around into something used for good.


Tom was fabulous! The audience was very engaged and the topic was extremely beneficial.

Owner and CEO, Center for Organization & Goal Planning, Inc.

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