Becoming Bureau Ready Program

Are you ready to elevate your presence in the speaking circuit and command higher fees for your engagements? The “Becoming Bureau Ready” program is designed to equip you with the tools, strategies, and visibility needed to thrive in the bureau environment.

What You'll Gain:

Coaching for Message Definition
Craft a compelling and impactful message that resonates with audiences and meeting directors alike.

Collateral Review and Development
Receive a comprehensive review of all your materials and build the necessary assets that showcase your expertise and professionalism.

Enhanced Visibility
Leverage platforms like YouTube and social media to amplify your presence, increasing your reach and visibility.

Tailored Materials Creation
Acquire speaking videos, new headshots, and engaging interviews that highlight your strengths and unique value proposition.

Sponsored Event Presentation
Cap off the program with a sponsored event, presenting your signature topic to a packed audience of meeting directors, opening doors for potential engagements.

Networking and Bureau Connections
Unlock access to crucial connections within the bureau world, ensuring that your newfound readiness leads to meaningful opportunities.

Program Outcome:

30-Minute Signature Presentation: Present confidently on your chosen topic with the backing of professional speaking videos and edit clips for your promotional use.

Increased Engagement Opportunities: Navigate the speaking circuit with confidence, securing higher fees and more engagements independently.

Why "Becoming Bureau Ready"?

The bureau landscape demands preparation, strategy, and visibility. Our program not only prepares you for bureau success but equips you to thrive independently in securing engagements and commanding higher fees.

Ready to Transform Your Speaking Career?

Don’t just wait for opportunities – create them! Join our program and become bureau-ready to unlock a world of speaking engagements, higher fees, and a broader reach.

Program Enrollment Details:

Limited Availability:
Please note, there is a cap of 7 speakers for our exclusive sponsored event.

Secure Your Spot:
If you’re eager to explore the possibilities and secure your place among the select few speakers, schedule a call now to discuss further:

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to position yourself for success in the bureau world!

Wilene Dunn

Wilene Dunn is a seasoned entrepreneur, author, and marketing executive with a remarkable track record in the speaker business spanning over 15 years. With a wealth of experience exceeding two decades in sales and marketing, Wilene has established herself as a prominent figure in the industry. As the Owner and CEO of WCD Enterprises, she brings a unique blend of expertise to the table, making her an ideal advocate for the “Becoming the Bureau Ready” program.

Throughout her extensive career, Wilene has excelled as a top performer in sales and marketing, seamlessly transitioning her skills into the dynamic speaking and training market. Her proficiency in business development, coupled with her background in publishing and marketing, positions her as a valuable asset for speakers looking to enhance their speaking platform.



Julian Placino is a speaker and recruiting consultant who helps organizations create a culture of recruitment where people thrive.

As a recruiting practitioner for over 15 years, he’s led talent acquisition at world-class companies and has hired and coached thousands of top performers throughout his career. For 7 years, Julian led recruitment at Bottle Rocket, one of the world’s top mobile development firms. Through speaking and consulting, he teaches recruitment strategy, personal branding, and leadership development.

As Host of Pathways to Success on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify, he interviews inspiring leaders about their business and keys to personal success.

Julian’s media experience will help build your platform with media, video and interviews. He’s has been through this process and knows what it takes to be bureau ready. Recently signed with WSB, he will share his insight in the “Becoming Bureau Ready” program
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