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About Alan Steelman

Alan Steelman, a former member of the U. S. Congress (R-TX) and global management consultant achieved much political and business success. He is guided by his own personal North Star; his mantras in life are “Be not inhospitable to strangers, they might be angels in disguise” and “whatever you have done to the least of them, you have done unto me.” He became a certified yoga instructor after discovering the healing magic of yoga and meditation.

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MANAGING YOUR MONKEY Mind Fitness – the most important self-help topic of all.

This 7-step regimen will help you achieve mental and emotional balance in the midst of an unprecedented global epidemic of stress.

Life in the digital age, along with the head-spinning 24-hour-news cycle is creating unbearable levels of stress, anxiety and depression for increasingly large numbers. It has been called the Black Plague of our Age. In the United States, drug and alcohol abuse, obesity and other stress-related deaths took nearly a quarter of a million lives in 2018.


What People Are Saying…

Publisher - BlackCard Books, Toronto
Alan Steelman is an accomplished speaker, warm, witty and engaging. The feedback on his content was superb.
COO NFL World League
Alan Steelman provides a disciplined approach for all of us that would vastly improve our ability to cope with the pace of life today.
Former Finance Minister, Chile
I have shared a Keynote stage with Alan Steelman addressing several hundred CEOs. He is an engaging and persuasive speaker.

" I am passionate about turning back the wave of anxiety, depression, and self-medication sweeping over people today!"

Yoga On The Yellow Brick Road

Yoga on the Yellow Brick Road

A detailed roadmap on how to exit the A.S.A.P Lane—a life of anxiety, stress, addiction,and pressure. A calm state of mind, improved energy levels, peaceful sleep, increasedflexibility—all of this can be yours by practicing yoga and meditation, and Yoga on the YellowBrick Road gets you started! Seeking to spread the word on yoga’s benefits, author AlanSteelman wants people to reject the pills, alcohol, and other “false wizards” that rob them ofthe present moment and slowly destroy their health and well-being. His message is simple: A practice of meditation and yoga is a genuine mind and body workoutcombining movement and breath.

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