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About Barbara Bruno

Barb Bruno, CPC, CTS, is an internationally respected speaker, author, trainer and entrepreneur.  She has owned HR Search, Inc. for over thirty years and is CEO of Good as Gold Training, Inc. a leading distributor of web-based training programs for the Staffing & Recruiting Profession, as well as Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Nonprofits and Women Business Owners.

Barbara’s experience as a world-renowned and award-winning trainer uniquely qualifies her for presenting steps that are easily implemented by her audiences. Her tips and techniques are proven to create a higher level of success and income.


Featured topics

High-Tech High-Touch – A Winning Combination

Business used to be all about establishing relationships, meeting in person and constant communication, but that’s all changed!

Technology has dramatically impacted the workplace, workforce and the way business is conducted. It’s no surprise that it’s harder than ever to contact prospects, clients or coworkers because they’re hiding behind technology.  

  • How technology has all but eliminated the cold call

  • Voice Mail, Email and InMail that result in responses

  • TITA process for email that will save you time and money

  • Why establish relationships in a high-tech world?

  • How a high-tech high-touch approach will impact your success

Embrace the Attitude – WATCH ME!

Have you ever been told by someone what you were NOT capable of doing or achieving?  Or even worse, do you have that voice in your head that limits your success because of self-doubts or fear?  Opinions are easy to give, whether in person or on Social Media, but your attitude has the greatest impact on what you will or won’t accomplish.  

  • Become fearless with a “watch me” attitude

  • Why someone else’s opinion doesn’t have to become your reality

  • 7 steps to setting and attaining goals

  • The power of choosing “NOT to react!”

  • How to stay motivated on a daily basis


How the Shifting Workforce Impacts Your Future

Everyone wants to know what the future holds. In this dynamic talk, Barbara Bruno reveals not only what the future holds for business, but how you can leverage it to your advantage.   

  • The impact of the retiring Baby Boomer

  • How Millennials who represent over 50% of the workforce are driving change

  • The benefits of the new flexible workplace

  • How Technology will continue to impact your future

  • The 2020-2030 decade and beyond


What People Are Saying…

National Independent Staffing Association (NISA)
Barbara… and I mean this sincerely… you are the best… I really don’t remember how many times we have had you for IPA or NISA, but you have always done an outstanding job. Not all speakers are as dynamic, and yet down-to-earth, as you are. Thank you for EVERYTHING…
The Boomer Group, Inc. Staffing/Recruitment
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is so wonderful to have a person who is so willing to share their knowledge and help us all become more successful in our careers and our lives. It was great to meet you in person. I am SO glad that I attended your training. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are an inspiration to all of us still in this crazy wonderful industry!
The Spencer James Group, Inc.
The presentation was awesome! We’ve seen a lot of good speakers, but Barb kept things fresh and moving. She packed a lot into a short time which was great. She is very generous with sharing her knowledge which I know people appreciate very much. I know I do!

"I became a trainer so that YOU could make more money and enjoy a higher level of success!"

- Barbara Bruno

High-Tech High-Touch Recruiting: How to Attract and Retain the Best Talent By Improving the Candidate Experience


Despite global economic conditions, companies are always looking to attract and retain the best talent. Unfortunately, almost 30% of US job seekers leave a new job within the first 30 days. Why? Many new recruiters rely too heavily on high-tech tools to attract candidates and may not have learned the fundamental relationship-building skills that help recruiters ensure that clients and candidates are a good match.


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