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About Daphne Maxwell Reid

Daphne Etta Maxwell Reid is an American actress, designer, author and former model. She is best known for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in her role as the second Vivian Banks on the NBC sitcom.

“Though most people know me as Aunt Vivian from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I am also a photographic artist, author, and designer. In sharing my photographic art with you, I hope to inspire your childhood sense of wonder and curiosity with my four published books of doors from around the world. I have also published a mini-memoir in the form of a cookbook, entitled Grace, Soul & Motherwit.

Featured topics

Breaking Barriers and Becoming All YOU Can Be!

Daphne Maxwell Reid shares her story which is enlightening, engaging, and empowering.  Daphne has quietly and eloquently broken many barriers from her youth forward and she serves as an inspiration to others. 

What People Are Saying…

AEL Director
Daphne recently was a keynote speaker at our joint conference. Her speech was enlightening, engaging, and empowering.
Professional Business Consultant
Articulate, knowledgeable, forthright, balanced and passionate, Daphne is a role model all women can aspire to emulate.
Senior VP of Sales
Daphne Reid may be one of the most talented, gifted and philanthropic women I know. She is also an amazing speaker and never fails to please an audience.

"You can’t catch lightning in a bottle twice.  Do and be your best always."

- Daphne Maxwell Reid

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