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About David Rose

David Rose works with people around the world to help them achieve greater results in business and their personal lives. He is driven to solve issues that create barriers of people/companies when it comes to selling and generating substantial revenue streams. 

David is focused on solving the dynamic people, process and technology issues that prevent companies from growing and surviving. This is accomplished by helping coordinate the sequence of events that create brand name recognition and thought leadership. Most of the time, companies are too busy and facing too much chaos to coordinate the available resources. Connecting the dots and creating a better life for those who work in the high turnover, high demand world of revenue growth is David’s passion. This is why he writes about, publicly speaks about and deploys with clients three extremely effective strategies/tactics to grow revenue and profits. The Renaissance Business Model, The Theory of Accelerance and Modes to Market are breakthroughs for leaders charged with sustaining and increasing revenue.

Featured topics

Game Changer – Closing More Deals

Game-Changer Selling Tactics are essential to thrive in the new business environment today because of the pandemic. Turning sales visits to sales calls requires unique skills for getting the buyer’s attention and closing deals over the phone. Relationship building requires special skills when face-to-face meetings are off the table.

The 15 Rejection Categories

David Rose’s 10-year global study resulted in the first complete typology of rejection as published in his book, Overcoming The 15 Categories of Rejection. David transports audience members from the darkness and despair of being shot down for their hopes and dreams to the precipice of change, where readers dive into the secrets of how to get people to say YES to anything sought after. For the first time global research uncovers the sources of YES that when used against you, create rejection for small and significant things that impact your trajectory in life. David shows nothing is at it seems when it comes to persuasion. Behind every corner NO is waiting to kill your dreams. Become the master of your destiny and control the key players in your life, before they control you. Everyone should know these powerful techniques to get more YESES!

What People Are Saying…

Sales Professional
I work in sales and learning the 15 categories of rejection was such a powerful discovery for me! It helped me understand how my clients think and how to think the way they do in order to win more deals!

"Works best with leaders to shake up the organization just enough to achieve measurable results and being accountable"

- David Rose

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