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About Gary Dahse

Gary F. Dahse has 35 years of experience in consulting and motivational training. He is the author of Tell Me What To Do, a life-changing book focused on how to build a strategic plan for your life. He is recognized internationally as a keynote motivational speaker, connector and instructor in the field of organizational behavior across cultural lines. His keynote presentations are strategically designed to help individuals and corporations recognize their full potential to operate in a global climate.

In addition to speaking, he is recognized as a global commercial real estate executive representing clients worldwide in the acquisition, disposition, development, and management of large commercial real estate assets. He teaches corporations and highly successful entrepreneurs how to develop their unique attributes and abilities.

Gary is currently licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission as a broker and Realtor. In addition to his consulting business, Gary has been involved in the commercial real estate business for forty years. He previously acted as a principal and owner of Rubloff Inc. one of the largest privately held commercial real estate firms in the country. He has successfully recruited over 145 brokers in numerous markets in the Southwest in his career and is recognized as a high-performance sales trainer. He is a past president of the Institute of Real Estate Management and former member of the board of directors of the Building Owners and Managers Association – Houston Chapter.

Featured topics

Tell Me What To Do  

A summary version of the key points outlined in Gary’s book, Tell Me What to Do. It gives the keys to living a life filled with purpose, passion, and joy. An uplifting, fast-paced presentation about a proven technique that teaches you how to build a Strategic Plan for Your Life while you grow toward financial security, emotional awareness and eventually, spiritual maturity. A must-hear presentation for the passion-filled individual. 

How to Build a Strategic Plan for Your Life

This presentation teaches the student how to build a well-balanced strategic plan for life in all seven areas of their lives. It outlines a “Road Map for Success” with twenty items necessary to complete a well-defined plan that guarantees success. If you are searching for advice on how to obtain financial success, happiness, and joy, this is a great “How To” presentation.




Two Secrets of Highly Successful Goal Setting 

The secrets revealed in this presentation are both self-evident and mind-blowing in nature. Once you discover how to write goals and cross the mind-body barrier, you can accomplish anything your heart desires. People that internalize these two secrets make mega-leaps in their daily accomplishments and their life goals. 

The Mind-Body Crossover  

An eye-opening experience of how the subconscious mind works. This presentation explains the intricacies of how to take a mental thought and turn it into a physical reality. It outlines the step by step process on how to obtain anything a person desires out of life. Very inspirational, motivational and informative. Audiences love this presentation!

What People Are Saying…

Darrell Betts
Motivational, inspirational, life-changing, eye-opening! I met Gary Dahse over ten years ago and credit him with helping me solve my “cognitive blindness”. He has been a mentor and trusted advisor and has saved me a lot of headaches with his practical wisdom, creativity, and insight.
Chief Engineer
Gary is an awesome mentor, person, leader, professional, and a great advocate! Much appreciated!
Senior Advisor at Colliers
Gary was a great superior with many ideas. He always kept me wanting to learn more and pushed me in the right direction in any situation.

"A very powerful enlightenment that will change your life.”

- Gary Dahse



Tell Me What to Do

How to Build a Strategic Plan for your Life. In this book, Gary Dahse has taken cutting edge thought leadership in the field of contemporary moral psychology and created a simple, straightforward “how it works” methodology with immediate added value to human transformation enterprises – cultural, organizational, group and individual. The insightful contents point any reader, who has the courage to engage the journey of self-discovery, beyond themselves to self-actualization solutions. The method has demonstrated cross-cultural utility. Stated simply, his five-stage model from self-awareness to spiritual maturity is clearly aligned with the rich body of successful personal transformation literature. Dahse shares his success in seeking moral integrity through the application of principled based methods.


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