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About George Carroll

George Carroll is a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Seminar Leader, Business Mentor, Marketing Strategist for Change Agents, and Author of The Homeless Motivational Speaker. Also known as a Transformational Artist, George has trained for organizations such as Capital One, American Family Insurance, Colorado Association of Realtors,, and Lawyers with Purpose. George spent many of his years chasing his dreams of becoming a professional football player, until he shattered his leg and ankle during his senior season at the University of Northern Colorado, leaving him depressed and hopeless. With a Communications degree, George moved to Denver and excelled in corporate sales and management, but he was left unfulfilled and empty inside. He resigned from a comfortable 6-figure salary knowing something greater was possible.

Featured topics

Adaptability is the New Change
5 Keys to Embracing Change, Growth and Uncertainty

Effectively adapting to change isn’t so much about managing change, but managing our mind, emotions, decisions and actions through the process of change. With the recent COVID-19 global shake up, everyone was impacted and forced to adapt. Why do we resist change? What makes the difference between those who thrive in change and uncertainty, versus those who struggle? How do we respond resourcefully in times of change? How do we minimize stress and anxiety in a sea of unknowns? This engaging presentation answers those questions, and more.  We can’t avoid change. We can’t control change. But we can become adaptable to it.

  • Learn why the brain will instinctively trigger resistance to ALL change

  • Harness the 3 part process to develop new empowering habits

  • Discover the most important component to being adaptable to change

  • Learn how to use the power of forward focused questions to stay pro-active during times of change

  • Learn the #1 activity to reduce stress, overwhelm and aging
Optimum Performance and Productivity

Energy, Decrease Stress and Get More Done in Less Time

We are constantly being asked to do more and perform at higher levels with the same amount of time. In this high energy and high content presentation, your audience will learn key strategies to help them operate at high levels of performance while maximizing their time. We will be exploring the most recent neuro-science behind peak performance and productivity and how our brain utilizes energy through the course of the day. We will tackle the myth of “multi-tasking” and how it is counterproductive and damaging to the brain. Your audience will learn strategies to minimize stress and overwhelm and will leave with tools they can apply immediately to increase performance and productivity.

  • Learn to Increase Energy Levels with my Energy Quadrant

  • Discover How to Decrease Stress Levels with 2 Simple Techniques

  • Master Their Time and Day by Using the Pareto Principle

  • Learn how “multi-tasking” dramatically decreases productivity and what to do instead

  • Implement the 2 Secrets to Eliminating Procrastination for Good
Developing a Positive Mindset in Challenging Times
5 Keys to Managing Your Mind and State of Being

As we look around, it’s easy to be pessimistic and negative about how the world seems to be trending. The truth is, we as individuals have ultimate influence on our mindset, attitude and action. We can’t control external circumstances, but we can control how we respond to them. We live in a world where the media shines the light on crisis, chaos and negativity but we have to remember that the information we choose to consume will influence our mental and emotional state. And our mental and emotional state directly influences our performance and production.

  • Learn how to harness power of "garbage in - garbage out"

  • Learn to create a morning routine that sets the tone for the rest of the day

  • Learn how your brain's RAS seeks negative information and how to combat it

  • Learn how to develop positive habits in times of great pessimism

  • Learn the power of knowing how to manage your circle of control

  • Learn to shift from a negative state to a positive one in a matter of seconds


What People Are Saying…

Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers
George was a breath of fresh air. I was very impressed with the audience participation. I'm looking forward to having George back!
Alternative Health Market
George is a dynamic speaker, teacher, and leader. He has the magical gift of teaching seminars that create a bridge between the learning of the mind and the knowing of the heart.
Chief Business Geek
George sees the potential in others of where they could be, not where they are. This focus results in others letting go of the past and grabbing onto their new future through George's vision and efforts.

"As we look around, it’s easy to be pessimistic and negative about how the world seems to be trending. The truth is, we as individuals have ultimate influence on our mindset, attitude and action.”

- George Carroll


Maximum Performance and Productivity

How do you get the most out of yourself and out of your day? How do you activate heightened levels of energy and sustain it throughout the day? How do you organize and prioritize your day so that you get more done in less time? This is a book filled with simple tools and strategies that will help you sky-rocket your productivity, increase your energy levels, lower stress levels and access your greatest potential by creating your personal mission and your vision story, while aligning your values. You will feel unstoppable after putting these tools and strategies to work for you!


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