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About Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest, CEO and Chief Culture Officer at FPG (Forrest Performance Group), is a leading authority in culture change programs and an expert at creating high-performance, high-profit, and “Best Place to Work” cultures. As a sales professional, author, speaker, and management coach, Jason’s job is to empower professionals and executives to unleash their human performance and master their leadership skills in sales, management, culture and service; for the purpose of increasing profit through people.

The winner of four international Stevie Awards for his Warrior Selling and Leadership Coaching training programs, Jason is also an award-winning author of five books, including Leadership Sales Coaching – rated as one of Selling Power Magazine’s Top Sales Books. Additionally, Inc. Magazine has named FPG as one of the Nation’s Best Workplaces for 2017.

With a decade of coaching and speaking experience, Jason Forrest is a member of the acclaimed National Speaker Association’s Million Dollar Speaker Group, as well as The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), the world’s only peer-to-peer network exclusively for entrepreneurs. Every year, Jason delivers approximately 100 keynotes for sales teams, managers, and executives.




Featured topics

Branding Masterclass – Build a Brand that Attracts Legions of Irrationally Loyal Fans

The best brands in the world create the condition of Irrational Loyalty – which is a bond so strong that customers would feel they were cheating on your brand were they to choose an alternative. The condition of Irrational Loyalty is available to every brand in every category, serving every kind of customer.

Strong brands help their customers solve problems, present a positive image to the world, feel empowered, feel accomplished, and feel like the hero in their own personal stories. Think about what happens when you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world and everything is working out the way you hoped it would. No matter which cliché you use to describe it—the feeling of having wind in your sails or the world on a string—that feeling connects deeply with your emotions. Bestselling author and branding expert Deb Gabor puts you in the mood to create a powerful brand that connects with your most important customers – the ones most highly predictive of your success.

  • Define what is a “brand” and how branding is like sex

  • Understand the importance of branding for informing business strategies

  • Learn the foundations of brand strategy

  • Gain insight into why even B2B and hard-core technology companies need brands

  • Assess the timing for engaging in branding activities

  • How-to: roll up your sleeves and create the foundation for your organization’s brand



Branding is for Unicorns

The Ideal Customer Archetype: Do you ever wonder how top brands create irrational loyalty among their users?  

The world’s most profitable and well-known brands bond in highly emotional and compelling ways with the customers who are most likely to spend the most money with them.  Sol Marketing CEO and founder Deb Gabor leads this highly interactive workshop guiding attendees through identifying and profiling the customer who is most highly predictive of a startup’s success using the “Ideal Customer Archetype” methodology. Through the use of hands-on exercises, audiences learn to use this method to go beyond traditional demographic and firmographic profiles to hone in on behavioral and attitudinal attributes that enhance the climate of consideration for their brands and products. 

  • Understanding the ideal customer archetype methodology

  • Getting inside your customer’s head

  • Segmenting and targeting customers

  • Bonding emotionally with customers

  • Becoming part of customers’ self concepts


Craft Your Brand (Personal Branding)

Most personal branding talks are either very academic or theoretical.  Deb believes you shouldn’t need a Ph.D. to understand branding. This fast-paced, highly interactive master class based upon the branding methodologies Deb and her company have employed for decades to create some of the best-known brands in the world. This session isn't just educational, it's a hands-on, how-to workshop-- in plain English-- for building or reigniting your personal brand so you can achieve your personal and professional goals. 

  • You probably never wondered what getting "in the mood" and how your personal brand shows up have in common.

  • The concept of "irrational loyalty" and how a brand that killed 11 of its customers is still a fan-favorite

  • The three magic brand questions that unlock all your personal brand potential

  • How to create a head-turning personal brand that makes your audience the hero 

Hacking the Elevator Pitch

Whether you are out at a conference, mingling with friends, or you just so happen to know somebody who knows somebody who's able to help you take your company to the next level, you'll get this question: "What do you do for a living?" Or, “What is your company about?” This is the perfect opportunity, not to necessarily “sell” your business, but to make people want to know more about you and your company. The infamous “Elevator Pitch” was created for just such an occasion.

An elevator pitch is a conversation, or an ice breaker, that will (hopefully) lead to a deeper dialogue about the functionality, and specialty, of what you and your company can offer. In practice you typically have just 60 seconds to leave an exciting, impactful, and meaningful impression with whomever you come in contact with. So make them count. This highly-interactive, hands-on session will provide you with the building blocks for an exceptional pitch that raises your audience’s eyebrows and leaves them wanting to learn more.

  • Be exposed to the Anti-Elevator Pitch and how it serves as an invitation for further conversation

  • Start to think of yourself as a “brand” and leverage that to your advantage

  • Learn everything that needs to be in your elevator pitch and everything that doesn’t

  • Create the building blocks of your own pitch – starting with communicating from a place of “WHY” and culminating in the uniquequalities that can make you stand out

  • “Hack” the elevator pitch at critical points to create a cohesive story about you and how you make a client or a hiring manager the hero in his or her own story

What People Are Saying…

Deb believes that getting the customer laid is the ultimate goal of every brand. Because of your brand, the customer feels they can accomplish more! She’s right.
Deb’s methodology leads you to understand how your brand can bond indelibly with the customers most highly predictive of your company’s success.
Deb’s formula is precise and very thoughtful. Deb has deep experience in helping companies face reality and find brands that open territory that can build businesses.

"Your brand lives in your customers’ needs and desires, as well as their perceptions of you and their connection to you. Branding is not an inside-out activity; it’s an outside-in activity.”

- Deb Gabor





Branding is Sex

In Branding is Sex, brand dominatrix Deb Gabor explains how proper brand positioning gets your customers in the mood.  In just seven short and sweet chapters, Deb covers these juicy topics and more:  

How the most successful brands in the world get their customers laid

How to never fail The Bullshit Test

Who your brand should hop in the sack with (and it’s not who you think)

Don’t rot in the brand graveyard like Blackberry, Oldsmobile, Circuit City, Compaq, Blockbuster Video, and Pets.com.  Get your sexy back and move from being “just friends” with your customers to being long-term “friends with benefits.”  Branding is Sex provides you with a concrete foundation and a basic how-to plan for building or re-igniting your brand without needing a PhD.

Learn more


Irrational Loyalty

Eventually, every organization faces a serious branding disaster. Think of United Airlines, Wells Fargo, Uber, and other companies whose tribulations made front page news. Poor business decisions, corrupt cultures, or just plain bad luck can lead to major PR meltdowns, sending once-loyal consumers fleeing in droves. But there's a right way to handle controversy and come out stronger on the other side.

Using recent high-profile brand implosions as prime examples, Deb Gabor demonstrates how top companies that break their promises inevitably suffer, and she explores the routes the more agile ones have taken to full recovery after letting their customers down. One of the world's premier branding experts, Gabor provides invaluable insights that will help your own enterprise build positive brand equity, good will, and the "irrational loyalty" that will support your brand long-term through the best and worst of times.

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