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About Jim Pancero

Jim’s proven uniqueness and success are centered on his ability to translate complex selling and buying processes into simple steps and structures that can be taught, retained, and utilized by your team. Simple to explain, but complex to improve, success in selling is still based on your team’s ability to prove greater value and competitive uniqueness to justify your higher prices.

Jim has been influencing, guiding, and inspiring sales professionals in more than 80 different industries to increase sales, market share, and profitability. Jim’s combination of humor, larger-than-life personality, outstanding research, and real-world examples that hit home provide even experienced sales pros who think they’ve heard it all with strategies and concepts that work! Your sales team will be charged up and ready to go……and your company and customers will reap the rewards. Time with Jim is time well spent–watch your productivity and profitability soar!

Since founding his sales training and consulting company in 1982, Jim has conducted over 3,100 speeches, in-depth seminars or consulting days for more than 600 companies in over 80 different industries. Over 90% of Jim’s clients have utilized his ideas and services more than once. Jim has also been recognized by the National Speakers Association having earned their CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation and been inducted into their Speakers Hall of Fame. This combined honor has only been awarded to less than 3% of their 3,500 professional members.


Featured topics

How to Best Connect and Sell the Millennial Buyer

How many of your important buyers are under 35 (the oldest of the Millennial generation)? The Millennials are now in major buying and decision-making positions. How have you adjusted the way your team sells to best connect and win business from this next major generation of buyer?

This management level program will show you how you can blend the best of the "old school" relationship style of selling still effective with your Baby Boomer buyers with the Millennial, more electronic-driven buying model.

  • Why the relationship model works with existing (and older customers) but not as effective with the Millennial buyer

  • How to interview buyers to find out how they would most like to buy from you

  • How the more traditional relationship selling model can be adjusted to still work with Millennial buyers


SWAT Team Selling – Leading Your Team to a Competitive Advantage

How much control and direction do you have over your sales team? Today’s average top producing senior “baby boomer” sales team is difficult to coach and lead, fiercely independent, and is very selective in the companies they sell to and even which of your products they sell. They also tend to reject any attempts to coach or direct their selling efforts. Learn the sales leadership “best practices” that can most impact your market share and profitability. 

  • The benefits of “SWAT Team Selling’s” structures, processes and leadership

  • The five steps to successfully shifting to a “SWAT Team Selling” leadership approach

  • How to establish a simple entry level sales training process



You Can Always Sell More When You Increase Your Sales Planning and Selling Process Controls

How many moves ahead are you thinking and planning as an experienced sales professional? And how are you identifying and then following the best-selling process to increase your competitive advantage?  Learn how you can best apply these advanced selling steps to help you lead your customer to want to buy from you…even at a higher price!

  • How many moves ahead are you thinking and selling?

  • How to take more proactive control of your customer and their buying process

  • Understanding and applying the tactical selling steps and objectives selling to an established customer


Are You Ready For Your Next Generation of Sales Reps?

Would you like to reorganize and refocus your sales force? Today’s average top producing senior “baby boomer” sales team is difficult to coach and lead, fiercely independent, and is very selective in the companies they sell to and even which of your products they sell. They also required little to no management assistance or support. The average sales manager today does little coaching or leadership but instead focuses all of their efforts on merely supporting their sales team with special pricing, expediting, problem solving and customer thank you calls.

  • How to identify and evaluate your current sales team structure and leadership

  • The benefits of “SWAT Team Selling’s” structures, processes and leadership

  • Changes and decisions you will face as the senior leader of your sales team


What People Are Saying…

Avaya Business Partner
Hands down the most talked about strategic sales improvement program my industry has ever heard. While at a presentation for over 500 Avaya business partners, Jim Pancero turned on a light bulb for every person in that room.
AISC has been using Jim for almost 20 years for a variety of different things: Educating our membership on sales skills, business development, early involvement, and presentation training. The most value that I've seen, particularly for our staff at AISC, is really homing in on their sales skills. Polishing attributes of a sales call, understanding what the value propositions are for a sale. And really using all those key strategies to improve what we do.
Basden Steel Corporation
We just finished a day with Jim. He helped us look at how we do business across the different types of sales we do and gave us some really good tools we can use to get proactive, get out in the customer's office and try to promote ourselves in a different and better way that we don't think our competition uses on a regular basis. We're really appreciative of his day here and it's going to benefit us a great deal.

"Take a personal inventory of your selling skills, and learn new ways to maximize your selling success.”

- Jim Pancero



Leading Your Sales Team

This book is an enthusiastic, yet always sensible, advanced training course in keeping and increasing the competitive advantage of your sales team. Packed with pertinent, practical advice, this no-nonsense looks at what it takes to conquer the challenges of your sales management job.

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You Can Always Sell More

The sales manager's step-by-step guide to better team performanceAs an experienced sales manager, how do you improve your team's performance? Which selling skills, developed to their fullest potential, have the greatest impact on revenues and profitability? You Can Always Sell More will guide you through a proven step-by-step system for evaluating, training, and coaching your sales force. It will help you establish a simple and effective evaluation and improvement planning process for even your most successful salespeople.

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