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About Joseph Kopser

Joseph Kopser is a lifelong problem-solver committed to building the teams needed to take on our toughest challenges. In addition, he is a technology entrepreneur and expert in transportation, smart cities, urban mobility, energy, national security issues as well as an Army combat veteran. Currently, he serves as an Executive-in-Residence at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas and is President of Grayline where he works with people and companies to bring together experts, data, and solutions to help companies and public institutions manage disruptive change. In 2018, Joseph co-authored the book Catalyst: Leadership and Strategy in a Changing World.

Prior to co-founding Grayline, Joseph co-founded and served as CEO of RideScout, before it was acquired by Mercedes-Benz in 2014. Joseph served in the U.S. Army for 20 years earning the Combat Action Badge, Army Ranger Tab, and Bronze Star. He is a graduate of West Point with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and also received a Masters from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2002. In 2013, he was recognized as a White House Champion of Change for his efforts in Energy and Transportation. In 2014, his company, RideScout, won the U.S. Department of Transportation Data Innovation Award.

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People Will Be What They Can See

Joseph has built teams from scratch, led successful turnarounds, and managed large organizations through a changing world. With success in business, academia, military, and politics, Joseph explains the universal concepts of leadership across all sectors that enable leaders to be the change they want to see. With actionable takeaways inside of entertaining stories, Joseph has participated in nearly 200 keynotes, speeches, panels, and interviews. Through entertaining real-world examples, Joseph explains how leaders at all levels can coach, teach and mentor the next generation of problem solvers within their organization to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

  • Best Practices – Benefit from unique approaches and lessons learned exploring the intersection of government, industry, and academia.

  • Strategy and Leadership – Identify enduring lessons from leaders with experience ranging across military, startup, business, and government roles.

  • Team Dynamics – Benefit from network and team-building concepts that have been proven in the most demanding and successful organizations in the world.

Leadership And Change Management - Incentives Matter  

Joseph Kopser’s central focus is to help leaders and teams develop and implement data-informed strategic solutions in a rapidly changing world. It’s one thing to see a problem, and it’s an entirely different challenge to execute the change needed throughout an organization to make a lasting difference.

The Importance of Leadership

Both the private and public sectors are witnessing changes to existing business models and governing procedures that are being disrupted by technology and non-traditional players. In our sessions, it’s not long before we get to a critical issue—that leaders too often pay lip-service to change without really implementing new practices to sustain it.

In the end, people will be what they can see. And, all too often, leaders are unprepared to lead as role models. As individuals and in groups, humans generally like to “go along to get along.” We don’t like to stand apart from the group, and very few of us race toward change, especially when it conveys risk.

What People Are Saying…

Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
We recently hosted a large transportation technology summit as a part of CES in Las Vegas using Joseph as our facilitator and lunchtime speaker. I am still receiving comments from attendees about how AMAZING he was.
Co-Founder Pandata
Joseph is an absolute beast. Efficient, fast, and generous. He is a great mentor and leader.
General Manager Amazon
Joseph Kopser is a consummate professional. His energy, drive, discipline and technical expertise enables him to achieve superb results in challenging situations.

"Globalization and technology are increasing the frequency of catalyst events—which trigger big changes with broad-reaching effects—ranging from innovations to socioeconomic crises"

- Joseph Kopser



It’s an exciting and challenging time to lead. Globalization and technology are increasing the frequency of catalyst events—which trigger big changes with broad-reaching effects—ranging from innovations to socioeconomic crises. The consequences of these upheavals will transform industries, communities, and nations. Leaders who seek to ensure their organization’s success in the evolving environment must be prepared and proactive.   Joseph Kopser and Bret Boyd are in the business of disruptive-change management. In this book, they show readers how change works, why disruption is happening more quickly, how to adapt, and what leadership it necessitates.

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