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About Kari Mirabal

Kari Mirabal, International keynote and TEDx speaker, author, and consultant shares innovative networking strategies to help professionals leverage the power of authentic connection.  Mirabal shares knowledge gathered from decades of experience and whose clients include Fortune 500 companies and executive leaders across the country and abroad.  Mirabal’s company develops corporate programs, products, and presentations that benefit those interested in earning new clients, increasing profits, and advancing careers through networking.  

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Today's competitive business market demands results, and a powerful circle of influence can help you get there. Naked Networking®, a high energy keynote that explores five networking mistakes and their solutions, challenges you to evolve while building and sustaining powerful connections. Learn a proven 3-step networking strategy, discover best practices for leveraging LinkedIn, and explore innovative ways to "network smarter."

  • Discover 5 networking mistakes (and solutions) to build powerful connections

  • Learn a 3-step networking strategy

  • Explore ways to overcome fear to network with confidence


Are you "dating" your career?  In other words, are you curious how to fall in love with what you do again and again? If you answered, "Yes," you won't want to miss Career Dating, a keynote address based on Kari Mirabal's TEDx Talk.  As a member of the audience, you will explore ways to fall in love with your career when you choose not to get "stuck" in hated jobs or in toxic workplaces.  Instead, you can take charge of your future and empower yourself with the needed knowledge to shift dated mindsets and embrace being the CEO of your career.  Learn powerful ways to brand yourself, guaranteed network strategies, and ways to work through the triggers inherent in today's competitive environment (how to manage difficult personality types at work).  Whether you are interested in making the  most of the career you already have, pondering a promotion or in-company title change, or looking for a new experience altogether, this humorous approach to "dating your career" will help prepare you for an improved professional future.

  • Discover "must-have" branding tools to advance your career

  • Explore networking strategies to help you get from point A to point B - faster

  • Learn ways to overcome common workplace triggers 



Networking has unlimited potential, but only for those willing to take risks, work outside their comfort zones, and explore new possibilities. Discover why people with dated mindsets get left behind when they choose self-sabotage and neglect, rather than professional sense and assertiveness with LinkedIn. We don't want you to ATTEND this presentation, we invite you to EXPERIENCE it with interactive audience polls designed to guide content based on live participant input. See how proven LinkedIn strategies are applied in real-world stories using logic as the basis for improved professional outcomes!

  • 10 LinkedIn Profile "Must-haves" (and why)

  • Discover ways to maximize LinkedIn Tools

  • Learn how to Attract (and maintain) New Connections

What People Are Saying…

Kadee Duclos
We’ve already received good feedback and we hope to have her back soon.
Cat Rosenault-Fryman
She made it so comfortable and so easy to approach that you don’t even realize the session is over before you absorb all she has to teach you.
Director of Events
I really appreciated her ability to reach out to women, especially in the business world.


Filled with powerful networking strategies gathered from decades of real-world experience...

Mirabal inspires you to get comfortable being uncomfortable meeting new people.


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