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About Lee Ann Piano

Lee Ann is an empowerment expert in the areas of Leadership Development and Women’s Empowerment. The Amped Up Leadership, Go For It and Increase Your Influence programs are loaded with tools, techniques, concepts and strategies for achieving next-level performance in both leadership and personal achievement. She shares practical solutions for handling hard-to-handle people and situations, finding the right mentors, identifying and eliminating toxic thoughts, putting your dream to the test as well as finding the treasure in the trials of life. As a 17-year breast cancer survivor, Lee Ann knows firsthand how powerful determination and a positive mindset can be.

She is a Professional Speaker, Teacher, and John Maxwell Certified Coach. She aids personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. With over 28 years of sales, sales management and corporate training, and development experience, Lee Ann has delivered over 600 seminars nationally and internationally helping thousands become more effective personally and professionally.

Lee Ann works closely with each organization to understand their unique goals and tailors her content to their critical success factors. Every group is unique so while Lee Ann’s core messages are consistent, the framework and structure are uniquely designed for each group she addresses.

Featured Topics

Developing the Leader Within You!  

Build confidence, credibility and greater cooperation by increasing your influence power! If your life in any way connects with other people, you are an influencer. 

  • Expand your capacity to influence

  • Utilize the 4M plan to increase influence: Multiply, Mentor, Motivate, Modeling

  • Learn the one thing that accelerates your professional personal growth

Go For It!  

Learn to live a No Limits life! It’s time to do more, see more and be more. Discover what is limiting you from living at full capacity. When you live with more success and satisfaction, you are able to deposit more value into others. 

  • The power of a personal vision

  • Use obstacles to become mentally strong

  • The game changer of destiny – CHOICES

Amped Up Leadership

Shift your mindset from manager to leader and master the strategies that will release a flow of passion, purpose and enthusiasm into your leadership and throughout the organization.

  • Develop communication that truly inspires others

  • Five ways to build a high performance team

  • Discover your leadership "sweet spot" to create loyal followers

What People Are Saying…

Chicago Women’s Conference
Super informative, excellent speaker, inspiring for all ages and really touched by heart.
Director of Marketing
Lee Ann was great with our Leading Ladies group! She inspired us to think strategically about who we are as leaders and how we interact with others.
VP CloudMed
Lee Ann recently spoke at a HFMA Women's Event on "Increase Your Influence...Motivate, Mentor & Multiply." This was a wonderful topic and Lee Ann did a fantastic job of engaging and identifying with the audience.

"If you do not prepare for opportunity, opportinty prepares for someone else."

- Lee Ann Piano


Go For It!

Life is about dreaming, doing and enjoying the process. Sometimes it might seem as if your dreams are impossible, or there are too many obstacles standing in your way, or you've missed your window of opportunity. But the Go For It Success Tips can catapult your dreams into reality!


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