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About Richard Allen

Rich has first-hand experience with the unique challenges of leading and growing a small business. His hands-on approach, engaging personal style and high-energy enthusiasm attract business owners who have a passion for achieving extraordinary results. He helps to create a profitable enterprise built on a solid foundation, with a unique marketplace position, grounded in repeatable processes, and driven by a high-performance team. An author and inspirational speaker, Rich leads business owners to visualize their goals, structure their approach, measure their outcomes, continuously improve their processes and achieve remarkable results.

Featured topics

Improving Your Ability to Win New Customers

Customers play a crucial role in any business. They hold the power to make a company prosper or fall. There are three critical elements in winning new customers and first you must identify and know who your ideal customer is, the person you ideally want to do business with. 

  • Are you speaking directly and loudly to your ideal customer?  

  • Are your marketing strategies reaching your ideal customer?  

  • What is your message to your ideal customer? 

  • Developing a unique sales process for winning new customers

Steering Your Business with Strong Leadership and a Compelling Vision  

If you can understand your business is like a bike, you can understand how a business actually works.  From 30 million to 100 million in sales by using a bike as a metaphor.  You steer your business with strong leadership and a compelling business, your organization and structure holds the business together and where does the rubber meet the road, winning new business and how we treat our customers.  Everyone knows how a bike works and it’s a way to explain a business where anyone can understand.

  • Creating strong leadership

  • How organization and structure increases profits

  • Knowing your customers and treating them well

Creating the Structure and Accountability necessary to win

Being the best at what you do and how you run your business is a process. How to  FAILURE-PROOF YOUR BUSINESS. This is a unique message with powerful advice. These are real life experiences, not theoretical. Rich doesn’t get overly complex or complicated. It does not require an investment in a system or technology. He just shares very real, hands-on advice and guidance that fits for any and all businesses.

  • Failure proof your business

  • Strategies for growing a profitable business

  • Growing your business through strong leadership

What People Are Saying…

CEO and Founder
Rich did a keynote presentation to one of our conferences on how to present on stage. His presentation was a brilliant example of his topic. I highly recommend him to anybody wanting to learn how to present great seminars and workshops.
CEO at Abacus
Rich has been helping me source, hire and on-board new talent for my company for several years. His methods are unlike anything I've ever seen in 15 years running my business.
Leadership Strategist
If you're a business owners serious about accelerating your profits,, then you'll be making a wise investment to have Rich speak at your next conference

"Together we're helping business grow!  It's going to be a GREAT RIDE!"

- Richard Allen


Business owners today are constantly faced with difficult challenges and eight of 10 new businesses will not survive the first five years. Competition is difficult and building a sustainable, profitable business is arguably the most challenging sport in all of business today. In The Ultimate Business Tune Up, Rich Allen combines the experiences of his father’s own small business, his personal experiences running and growing a business, and his learning from advising hundreds of small business owners into a powerful, step-by-step guide for small business owners everywhere. Rich introduces a model that is both easy to understand and powerful when used to make strategic business decisions.

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