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About Suzanne Rupp DeMallie

Suzanne DeMallie was an ordinary CPA and mother of three prior to 2005. That’s when she was told that her son had an auditory processing disorder, and she began researching information to learn more about his diagnosis and how she could help him. But what she uncovered was a much greater problem that impacted every student in the typical classroom. She learned that all students could miss as much as third of what their teacher said due to poor classroom acoustics and immature neurological hearing abilities; and yet, there was a simple cost-effective solution - give a teacher a wireless microphone and put speakers in the classroom. 

Suzanne could have just fought to get this technology into her son’s classroom, but she was determined to bring this information to the attention of parents, teachers, and education decision makers nationwide. After her first presentation to just twenty people in a little school library, she was told, “I don’t want to discourage you, but…” Suzanne was warned that the public system bureaucracy was likely to prevent or at least delay schools integrating the technology for many years. But that didn’t stop Suzanne. Within ten months of starting a campaign in her district, her school system proposed putting $400,000 in their school budget to start wiring the classrooms for sound.  

As the author of a best-selling book, Can You Hear Me Now? Suzanne honestly addresses the problems in education that leave so many children behind. She vividly describes the difference between the intent of education policies and reality of putting them into practice in a classroom. 

Suzanne’s speeches empower listeners. They discover that anyone can create something better for others, just as she did. 

Suzanne’s work has appeared in The Official Journal of The American Consortium for Equity in Education, TeachThought, Our Children Magazine, THE Journal, Towson Times, and The Baltimore Sun. She has presented at the National School Boards Association’s annual convention; to national, state, and local PTA groups and to politicians. Suzanne was awarded the National PTA Life Achievement Award in May 2007, the highest honor from the nation’s largest child advocacy organization and most recently was named a 2021 Champion of Equity by the American Consortium for Equity in Education.


Featured topics

Can You Hear Me Now?

Suzanne DeMallie is a parent and teacher striving for educational reform. Almost two-thirds of our eighth graders aren’t proficient in reading or math. And in a single school year, US public schools experience an estimated million incidents of violence.  In Can You Hear Me Now?, Suzanne exposes the unsettling reality of our classrooms with a brutally honest account of the policies and practices that leave so many children behind.  Join Suzanne to become an effective advocate. She will guide you through the steps based on her own successful journey as one who gave students the ability to hear better in classrooms nationwide. You will leave both informed and inspired to join the conversation!

  • Learn about problems in public education that can and need to improved.

  • Learn what the steps are for advocating any topic of interest.

  • Learn how to effectively implement the steps for reform.

Lead by Example

Before 2005, Suzanne DeMallie was a CPA and mother of three. But when she began investigating her son’s learning difficulties she discovered a problem in our classrooms that affect all children, jeopardizing their chance for academic success. Lead by Example tells Suzanne’s story: a transformation from an ordinary person to a voice for those who don’t have one. Learn how she successfully advocated for a nationwide solution, and then became a teacher raising her voice again for those left behind in our public education system. You will not only be inspired but discover the qualities you already have that cannot only change your life, but the lives of others.   

  • Be inspired to act on their passions

  • Learn what qualities they already have that make a good leader

  • Learn how to be an effective leader.

Every Child Deserves a Front-Row Seat 

As a parent of a child diagnosed with an auditory processing deficit, Suzanne DeMallie discovered that all children – even those with normal hearing – are at risk for missing out on verbal instruction in the typical classroom, jeopardizing every child’s desire and ability to learn. This conversation explores the problems that prevent all students from understanding what they hear to a research-based solution that has demonstrated improvement in academics, literacy, attention, and behaviors. Suzanne addresses this topic as a parent and teacher. The audience will benefit from a better understanding of students’ auditory needs in regards to classroom instruction and how this simple solution can help increase student achievement, bridge the equity gaps, and bring a sense of “calmness” to the classroom – all without the need for special accommodations. This topic is a must “hear” for anyone with an interest in hearing, auditory learning, or raising student achievement.

  • Learn about student’s unique hearing needs

  • Learn how the typical classroom fails to support the needs of its listeners

  • Learn how a simple solution can increase academic achievement, literacy, and behavior.

What People Are Saying…

Executive Director
You really knocked it out of the park. You were so spot on. Making a difference in education.
Kirkus Review
A well-researched, disheartening yet relentlessly hopeful examination of American public schools.
Torus Global Industries
Drawing both on research and real-life experiences as a teacher, Suzanne impacts educational outcomes.

"Join the conversation to make public education a better choice

- Suzanne Rupp DeMallie


Can You Hear Me Now

Almost two-thirds of our eighth graders aren’t proficient in reading or math. And in a single school year, US public schools see almost a million incidents of violence, a number that continues to grow.

In Can You Hear Me Now?, Suzanne DeMallie exposes the unsettling reality of our classrooms with a brutally honest account of the policies and practices that leave so many children behind.

As a parent, DeMallie fought a nationwide battle against bureaucracy for the simple, common-sense idea that children in the back of a classroom should be able to hear their teacher. Now, as a teacher herself, DeMallie is speaking loud and clear, fighting public-school dysfunction on the inside.

Can You Hear Me Now? walks parents and teachers through everything they need to know to make a difference in their local district and beyond, from the most basic questions they should be asking to the most effective steps they can take to make their voices heard. Join the conversation!

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