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About Tricia Roos

Tricia Roos is a Dallas wife and mother who built a winning career in sports and high school admissions but found her greatest victory in loss. Against the advice of medical experts, Tricia carried full term a child she was warned would die at birth or before. That season Tricia’s team won every game, the child in her grew, and eventually she held and loved the daughter who wasn’t supposed to live. In six days of a brief and remarkable life, Annabelle Roos rewrote the medical chapter on a chromosomal condition called Trisomy 18—giving life to a story that galvanized a large high school, a big city, readers of When Wishes Change and audiences nationally.   

As director of admissions for the largest co-ed private Catholic school in Texas, Tricia burst the seams on annual student applications. Her teams have been nationally ranked and state ranked among both public and private schools on numerous occasions. Dozens of athletes have gone to play at the college level with most playing critical roles on their college teams at schools such as LSU, Baylor, Boston College, SMU, Loyola Maryland, St. Francis University, Tulane, St. Mary’s College, and many others.

Featured topics

When Wishes Change   

Dreams hit walls, wishes crumble . . . then what? When Tricia Roos was told the baby she was carrying would die at birth or before and to terminate the pregnancy—when everything she wanted seemed doomed—as her events changed, so did what she knew to wish for.  

When Wishes Change is about the gift of loss, about letting go of what we thought we wanted to pursue even more--to love deeper, go further, and grow more than we could have dreamed.

A natural teacher and a winning coach of volleyball and life, from rich experience Tricia helps her audiences:

  • Turn obstacles into opportunities

  • Move confidently towards a balanced and fulfilled perspective

  • Enjoy a richer and more meaningful life

Patience with a Broken Heart

Even with no cure, healthcare professionals can help patients begin to heal. How? With that other medical toolkit: empathy, kindness, and respect. Tricia learned her unborn child would die at birth and chose to complete the pregnancy. What she learned next about hospitals and healing can change how you do medicine. 

  • Understand a patient’s experience

  • Treat the problem and the person

  • Navigate hard decisions as a patient advocate 

Turn Unwanted Change Into Personal Gain

Are you sitting down? You need to plan, but many of your plans will crash and burn. And what then? When your dreams stumble and your wishes die, what do you do? Tricia Roos is an athlete and winning coach. She’s also a mother who carried a terminal child to birth and inevitable death. And grew stronger for it. What happens when wishes change? We make choices . . . and then our choices make us. 

  • Confront change for personal gain

  • Keep big goals in perspective

  • Harness patience, perseverance, hope and trust 

  • Expand your “good luck” network

  • Communicate better with yourself and others

What People Are Saying…

Executive Director
Thank you so much!!! You were so spot on!! Your story is inspiring.
College Advisor
Tricia uses her education and coaching style to inspire her audiences. We loved her!
Tricia inspired us that we can be bigger than our circumstances, and in doing so, positively impact everyone around us. Powerful.

"When your life is redirected and your wishes change, you will grow more than you ever imagined"

- Tricia Roos


When Wishes Change

Three months into her pregnancy, Tricia Roos learns that her unborn daughter will die of a rare condition. Against the expert's advice, however, she resolves to have her child. The ending is the same but the story changes everything. This is a mother's version of scaling Mt. Everest, an account of the handles that grow out of sheer rock once we commit to a climb. This is an open-eyed look at blind trust, a lesson for all ages that hardship can end in hope. This is the story we never get tired of reading.

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